Inspired by…Beatrix Potter | Part 1 | Bronzed-peach day look

On the makeup board at Makeupalley, the lovely roxina–no doubt referencing my MUA handle–suggested that it might be fun for me to try a look inspired by The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies, by Beatrix Potter. I actually found this color scheme really inspiring–thank you, roxina, for the suggestion! In this post, I put together a casual makeup look that I hope would be simple and easy to wear, but still polished and pretty.

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Cherries in the Snow | Part 1 | Satiny evening look

Hi everyone. By the time you read this, the Northeast U.S. will be blanketed in a fresh layer of snow. All this frosty white has gotten the phrase “cherries in the snow” stuck in my head. To try to work it back out again, I composed a few looks from my stash inspired by that idea, but with an emphasis on face-flattery and real-life wearability, instead of fantasy frost (fun as that is!).

(A more expansive introduction to this series is here.)

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