Purple smoky eye with platinum accents | Soft, simple, dressy makeup look for spring

After spending some time with bright citrus colors, I wanted to explore another side of orange–the creamier, peachier side of a zesty shade. I realized, though, that as soon as I dialed back the intensity of orange to a softer, peachier tone, it became more of a backdrop or frame for other elements of the look. So, although a Creamsicle-soft orange lip and cheek was the starting point of this look–the touchstone that determined my other choices–in the end, it’s really the eye makeup that’s the center of attention in the final look.

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Citrus Zest | Glossy, pink-grapefruit lips for spring

March 1 is the first day of meteorological spring in my neck of the woods, to which I can only say: Yay!

As the daylight grows brighter, I feel a hunger for citrus–juicy citrus fruit to eat and juicy citrus shades to wear in my makeup. This week, I thought I would explore a couple of citrusy shades with you, starting with that very flattering and easy-to-wear citrus shade: pink grapefruit.

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Hello everyone…

…and welcome! The idea that outer beauty reflects inner beauty–reflects the soul, even–is a cliche indeed. Yet I believe that this is true. In this space, I hope to reflect a bit on the pretty things we use to enhance our natural, physical beauty. But I hope not to forget that–as Audrey Hepburn is said to have observed–“the happiest girls are the prettiest ones.” With that in mind, let’s reflect on beauty together, and let the beauty of our bonding in friendship reflect on us. xo bunikins@mua

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