Sheer Black Smoky Eye | Experimenting with Lip Shades and Textures…on my *face!*

Hi everyone. Apologies for the extended posting delay. Some unexpected obligations have come up, and I’m working on sequencing and scheduling my various activities to make everything fit.

For the moment, allow me to close the loop on the Sheer Black Smoky Eye series that I initiated a couple of weeks ago. I opened the series with the basic ‘face’–a smoky eye nude cheeks and a nude lip. I thought it would be fun to take a look at the same basic face, changing only the lip shade–nothing else.

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How did it go? | Cherries-in-the-snow classic evening look on my *face!*

I noticed that the “Cherries in the Snow | Classic Lipstick, Classic Evening Look” has been especially popular in recent days. That look features the iconic Revlon lipstick Cherries in the Snow–because really, how could I do a CITS series that didn’t include the mother of all CITS lippies? In my conversations with people online and offline, this lipstick has emerged as an especially evocative. It seems that a lot of intriguing women have made Revlon Cherries in the Snow their signature color. So I thought you might enjoy seeing how that look turned out on my face!

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How did it go? | Brandied-plum day-to-night look on my *face!*

After posting a bunch of looks featuring strong, cool-toned lips, I thought it might be a good idea to move to a different, warmer palette. Maybe….oh, maybe centered on plum. What might look nice with plum? Hmmm, maybe honey-rosey-brandy shades–what we call “blush” tones. “Yeah, yeah, that makes sense!” I thought.  “Let’s put those together.”

Well, OK, a lot of you probably saw this coming, but, um….this is one seriously autumnal palette. And the season those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are looking forward to would be, you know…spring. Oops. For those of you who have weathered the brandied-plum series with me so far, though, allow me to close the loop by showing you how the brandied-plum day-to-night look worked out on my face.

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How did it go? | The *other* Northanger Abbey cover-inspired look…on my *face!*

So here’s what’s happening: I have photos of the Brandied Plum Day-to-Night looks on my face in the can and ready to go for you all. However, I think we need to take a break from that for a minute and look at something else, because–to be very candid with you–those colors sure do read autumn to me. Day-um. I put those looks on my face and felt like I should be taking a seat by the first crackling fire of the season with a mug of hot spiced cider in my hand. You know, those halcyon days when the oppressive heat of summer lifts, and we get to put on our pretty fall outfits and skip merrily down the street through piles of leaves as the amber light of the autumn sun caresses our faces? Yeeee-ah. At this point, I envy my ignorant fall self; I had no idea what winter held in store. So forgive me if I give us all a break from these freakin’ fall colors (what was I thinking?) and turn us to something a little fresher–dare I say a little pinker?–that will feel a bit more right in this cold winter light.

I give you a Northanger Abbey cover-inspired look. The other one. As in: not this one.

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