Welcome to Beauty Reflects!

At its core, this blog is about inspiration–the opportunity for inspiration and expression that presents itself to each of us whenever we make ourselves up and get ready for the day. I’ve always liked makeup, but I didn’t start collecting a real variety of makeup textures and shades until I developed an interest in design. It was interesting to develop an archive of interesting and beautiful things, but ultimately, makeup is meant to be worn. And I realized that, although I was opening a variety of packages every morning and swiping different lippy tubes across my lips every day, I was really just wearing variations on the same looks: shimmery lid wash, touch of shading in the eye crease, chocolate-brown liner, rosy cheeks and lips. More or less, give or take.

I wanted to try something different. Furthermore, rather than rely on my favorite tastemakers* to tell me what would be chic, what would be flattering–what I should wear, basically–I wanted to try to think for myself. I’m still very interested in what the pros have to tell us. They know what they’re doing. I’m also interested in trends, and in classic looks and color combinations. But in this space, I want to seek out and explore my own inspirations and attempt to bring them to life. I’m curious about what will move me; I’m even more curious about what will move you. What will we learn about ourselves if we treat this daily ritual of ours with a bit of seriousness and purpose–and a lot of playfulness and joy? This intrigues me.

In short: If you’re passionate about makeup and interested in reading true makeup stories that explore and illuminate a creative process that so many of us share…well, you’ve come to the right place.

*MUAs like Alice Lane, Lisa Eldridge, Mary Greenwell,  Kate Lee, Wendy Rowe, Matthew Van Leeuwen; journalist and beauty editor Sali Hughes; blogs like Into the Gloss and xoVain; vloggers like Ruth Crilly and the Pixiwoo sisters;  and so many more.

Cherries in the Snow, Satiny Evening Look.

About me

I’m Celina. My Makeupalley handle is bunikins. I’m in my thirties; I work full time at a job I take very seriously (this blog is a spare-time project). I’m based in the Northeastern United States. When I’m not blogging here, I like cooking, gardening, watching movies (especially heist movies–a particular favorite), reading books about spies, and data visualization (long story).

About my face

I have fair skin and dark-brown hair and eyes. My match in MAC is NC15/20; for Chanel bases, B10/20 (except for Vitalumiere, which I match to B7); in Bourjois Healthy Mix, 51/52. In winter, I lean strongly to the paler shades. At the height of summer, when I’ve taken on the most color through my thick layer of sunblock, I might mix the two shades in a roughly 50/50 proportion.

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