Super-Wearable, Fluoro Pink Look…on my *face!*

As the days get brighter, my yearning for cheery bright colors gets stronger. I really enjoyed wearing a white-based blue eyeshadow in a recent, sixties-inspired look. Now let’s see how a pair of fluoro pinks–pinks with a hefty dose of white–turned out on my face!

As a refresher, here’s the product set for the look (much more detail on the color palette, finishes and textures, and product selection can be found here):

Clockwise from the top: Laneige Water Tint in Neon Pink; YSL cream blush no. 9; Maybelline gel liner in brown; Chanel Tissé Mademoiselle eyeshadow quad.

Clockwise from the top: Laneige Water Tint in Neon Pink; YSL cream blush no. 9; Maybelline gel liner in brown; Chanel Tissé Mademoiselle eyeshadow quad.

And here’s how I wore the look:

Photo on 3-13-15 at 12.22 PM #2

A shot of the lids:

Photo on 3-13-15 at 12.27 PM #5

And a few notes on application, for what they’re worth:

Base. NARS Luminous Weightless foundation; lots of Clinique Airbrush concealer under the eyes. A few strokes of Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil in Medium Brown. No highlighter, bronzer, or powder.

Eyes. A little of the pale shade in the upper right of the Chanel quad all over the lids; a bit of the medium-brown shade in the upper left of the quad to contour the socket line slightly. For some reason, I made the brown gel liner thick and flick-y; I joined up the flick at the other counter with a soft line on the lower lash line, which I took about one-quarter of the way in. I softened the edges of the line and blended a bit around the edges of the flicks with a cotton bud.

Cheeks. I went a little crazy with the pink blusher! It didn’t seem quite as bright in my bathroom light as it does in the natural window light here. Wowza! Well, as I mentioned in my post about white-based brights, they really do stand out against the skin. Even applied with a heavy hand, though, the white pigment seems to be contributing more brightness than pastiness, at least to my eye–the miracle of modern makeup textures!

Lips. I applied a layer of the Laneige Water Tint with a lip brush (only because I like to transfer creamy lip products to a palette and then to my lips, rather than using the applicator directly on my face). I think it’s a fairly common complaint that these Water Tints cover the lips a little unevenly–the lips are pretty uniformly glossy, but the pigment is a little more concentrated in some areas than it is in others. I don’t worry about that too much, personally, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re interested in trying these out. A bit of lip gloss layered over a bright lip stain would work just as well here, maybe even better, but these gloss/stain formulas are pretty convenient, for what it’s worth!

Final thoughts. I might tone down the blusher a bit next time, but overall, I felt really relaxed and comfortable in this look. I have no idea why some looks just seem to relax me–why I feel very comfortable in some of them–and so much less relaxed and comfortable in others. Part of it has to do with how well I think a given palette suits me, I guess. But I think part of it is that I just find certain colors inherently cheerful and enlivening, regardless of the flattery factor. That’s how I feel about fluoro pinks–they’re just happy and fun. I want to frolic in the bright sun when I wear them.

I’m working on some new looks to share with you–looking forward to doing that very soon. In the meantime, I hope you, too, are frolicking in the bright sun! And I wish you a lovely day.

xo bunikins@mua

2 thoughts on “Super-Wearable, Fluoro Pink Look…on my *face!*

  1. Enkida@MUA says:

    Hello! Finally getting some time to dive in here :-). Still love your detailed descriptive style so thank you for that. But I will wax eloquent on that at some other time besides past midnight here 😉 For now I want to talk about the look!

    I love the lip colour here. I’m not really seeing any patchiness in the pictures, though if it leans more on the sheer side then it wouldn’t be a problem. Or, as seems to be in Korea at the moment, “on trend” (why?! I loved the gradient look, but the supposed patchy fad I’ve read about being popular now escapes me). I’m curious if it gathers in / accentuates lip lines/wrinkles after some time though. I find that some especially glossy lip products tend to do that, especially when the shades are lighter or more white based than my natural lip colour.

    I also want to say here I really like this thicker wing on you. Because it’s in brown it’s not too dramatic to me, but it does add a little extra oomph to an otherwise neutral eye. I also like the blush colour, but somehow it feels to me that it would work better with a nuder lip. Which is a little weird because that’s hardly an impact lip in the first place, but the blush is so strong it seems to almost demand a fade on almost everything else. I guess you could apply it a little lighter, as you said, but where’s the fun in that? ;-).

    I actually enjoy very strong blush looks with nude and understated everything elses on overcast days here – it’s not as jarring as a strong lip on a grey day, not as zombie revival as strong eyes on such days, and usually it’s paired with cooler weather so it’s almost like faking a cold-induced cheek flush but then messing with peoples’ minds because it’s bright *coral* or *orange* or whatever, and who naturally flushes coral? 😉

    Great look, thanks for sharing!


    • bunikins says:

      Hi there! So nice to see you here. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the look. 🙂

      Let’s see, about the lip color, I thought I could see in the pics a few places where the pigmentation was slightly more intense than in other places, but it’s not uneven in a way that bothers me at all in real life. I think that the glossy finish has a lot to do with that. And I do smooth the out the product with the brush as I apply…maybe that helps? These are definitely sheer, but not quite as sheer as a standard gloss, I think. In terms of the wear, I think that these sort of wear in from a very glossy finish at the start, to sort of a satiny finish, and then they leave behind a pretty nice, even (and longlasting!) stain. I don’t notice any particular settling of pigment into lip lines or wrinkles, but I’ll keep an eye out and report back, especially as I try out some of the deeper shades.

      I giggled a bit when I saw how strong the blusher came out in the photos. Yikes! lol. Sometimes if a blusher is something I promised to show, I think I overdo it a little bit–overcompensating–because in day-to-day life, I have a really, really light hand with blusher (and most makeup, really). So light that I fear it won’t show up at all in photos! But not so in this case. hee hee. It was all in good fun, though, and easily blended down/patted away.

      I think it would be really cool to try it with maybe a quiet, neutral eye and a more nude/neutral lip. You’re right–it accentuates a feature and adds a bit of glow without going all ‘lip’ or all ‘eye.’ I love the idea of a coral or orange “flush,” too. Sounds delicious! I’m becoming more and more conscious of how the ambient light influences the way makeup looks. If I had more skillz, I would be able to take light into account better, I’m sure, but for the moment, it’s interesting just to start to notice the light and how it changes the overall impression of a look.

      I have no clue why I went all thick and wing-y with the liner this time, but I’m so glad you liked it. I usually pat brown gel liner very close in to the lash line–tightlining, more or less, but this time I was just like, oh what the hell, let’s do a little somethin’ somethin’ here. The quad is very neutral, very beige/brown–nice for contouring the eye, but kind of a snooze in a way? I’ve been cheerily drawing cat eyes and liner flicks on myself right and left lately. L-o-o-o-o-o-o-v-ed your red, flicky liner FOTD from the other day, BTW. That was the opposite of a snooze–it was a breath of fresh air!


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