How did it go? | The *other* Northanger Abbey cover-inspired look…on my *face!*

So here’s what’s happening: I have photos of the Brandied Plum Day-to-Night looks on my face in the can and ready to go for you all. However, I think we need to take a break from that for a minute and look at something else, because–to be very candid with you–those colors sure do read autumn to me. Day-um. I put those looks on my face and felt like I should be taking a seat by the first crackling fire of the season with a mug of hot spiced cider in my hand. You know, those halcyon days when the oppressive heat of summer lifts, and we get to put on our pretty fall outfits and skip merrily down the street through piles of leaves as the amber light of the autumn sun caresses our faces? Yeeee-ah. At this point, I envy my ignorant fall self; I had no idea what winter held in store. So forgive me if I give us all a break from these freakin’ fall colors (what was I thinking?) and turn us to something a little fresher–dare I say a little pinker?–that will feel a bit more right in this cold winter light.

I give you a Northanger Abbey cover-inspired look. The other one. As in: not this one.

As I mentioned in last week’s podcast, the first Northanger Abbey cover-inspired look has been extremely popular–in fact it’s still popular. I can’t tell if this is because it pictures me in taupe lips and cheeks, or despite the taupe lips and cheeks. Suffice it to say that it took me by surprise that so many people have seen me in taupe lips and cheeks. You may notice that I’ve worn strong lip colors in most posts since then. That….is not an accident.

All that said, I’ve been mildly worried that people have been looking at the original Northanger Abbey cover-on-my-face post in the hope of seeing the other, more wearable look, only to be disappointed to find a green lady with brown-gray lips. So just to be extra-positive sure that I’m not disappointing anyone, I put the other Northanger Abbey look on my face. It happens to feature cool and fresh colors that feel more in keeping with the cold winter light that I’m living in, so hopefully it will also strike more of you as more in keeping with your mood and the season than, you know…plum.

Mm-kay, just so we can remind ourselves, the Northanger Abbey-inspired look was based on this book cover:

Berry pink in a field of wheat.

Berry pink in a field of wheat.

And I proposed a look based on fresh cool pinks paired with a simple, neutral, wheat-toned eyeshadow:

From the left, Burberry eyeshadow single in Pale Barley; YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick 19 IFuchsia); Burberry blusher in Peony; Chanel Le Crayon Yeux in Brun Teak (foreground).

From the left, Burberry eyeshadow single in Pale Barley; YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick 19 (Fuchsia); Burberry blusher in Peony; Chanel Le Crayon Yeux in Brun Teak (foreground).

And here’s how it came out on my face. (Note: for reasons that are not clear to me, I spazzed out and forgot that I had included an eye pencil in the original set for this look. Instead of choosing Brun Teak, a warm brown, I used the Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eye Powder Pencil in Smoky Black. I think the brown might’ve been better, but so it goes!)

First, I applied the lippy full on:

Photo on 2-18-15 at 2.48 PM #7

It’s a little grainy/blurry, I know–sorry about that. I have to use (very, very unforgiving–just saying) natural daylight for pics, and I was losing the light a bit here. I’m also no application wizard, but I’m sure that’s obvious! 🙂 Anyway, hopefully you can see the overall effect. I think I look hilariously pleased with myself and my fuchsia lips!!

I thought the bright lippy was fun, but I’m not sure I would feel comfortable in such a strong look for day. It might’ve seemed less harsh if I had chosen a different cheek color. Rather than a really cool, fresh pink, maybe something was a bit of warmth stirred in? Next time! [Update: I did try the look later using YSL Kiss & Blush in Rose Frivole, and I think it was better–just a little bit softer, fwiw.]

Anyway, in an attempt to take the look down a bit for day, I blotted down the lippy, leaving a stain on my lips, topped that off with a coating of Fresh Sugar colorless balm, and tried to buff off a little bit of the blusher. (Not all the redness you see in the pics is down to the pink blusher–my skin was having a very irritated moment and looking quite red.)

Photo on 2-18-15 at 3.19 PM

Sort of a romantic-novel-y flush, no? If you factor out the irritation and surface redness? Dreamily staring off into the distance, wondering why my hair won’t behave? This lippy is really versatile, I think. It could be taken down even more than this for just a hint of a fuchsia stain. Formula was very pigmented and creamy. I kind of want to wear it every day…I really like it.

Here’s a shot so you can see the lids (this is with the taken-down lips and cheeks):

Photo on 2-18-15 at 3.22 PM #10 - Version 2

Hmmmm…quite an expression, there. Anyway, there’s been a lot of buzz about Pale Barley eyeshadow lately, because Burberry has discontinued it–at least for now! I was losing the light in these pics, so it doesn’t look overly impressive here, which is probably a good thing for everyone who wants to kill their lemming for this. I will say, though, that in real life…that shadow is so creamy, its burnished glow so satisfying. In the end, it’s the kind of neutral shade that doesn’t even show up on everyone, but if the shade is a good fit for your coloring, it does seem to produce a nice, polished eye look in about 30 seconds flat.

A brief product list–I’ll try to include this although, in my heart, I feel as if surely my application and base choices are so nutty that no one could really want to know. In the last look, my cheeks were mercifully not very irritated and red, but I was looking awfully pale (this is what happens when you try to match to a color between your neck and your chest in winter, and your chest is so pale, it’s practically radioactive). Today I think I used a powder that was too dark. Anyway, I know I’m more or less hopeless at all of that stuff (although I’m trying! I’m improving…very very very slowly), but for now, here’s a list.

Base. byTerry Sheer Glow foundation; NARS Radiant Creamy concealer; a too-dark shade of Vitalumiere Compact Douceur powder to take down shine and create a base for the powder blush. My forehead, cheeks/nose, neck, and chest are all radically different shades right now. Sigh. I try.

Eyes. Pale Barley eyeshadow by Burberry (original formula); Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eye Pencil in Smoky Black, brought to a smudgy point.

Cheeks. Burberry blusher in Peony and a lot of underlying redness and irritation.

Lips. YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in shade 19 (Fuchsia).

And that’s the look! I was glad to get out the lippy and put it into active rotation. It’s a nice creamy formula, fun to wear, and it feels good this time of year. Sadly for all of you, I’m going to have to roll out the plum day-to-night looks on my face, because…they are what I have. They are autumnal as heck, but…sigh…oh well. 🙂 In the meantime, I wish you all a very lovely day.

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