(Intro) Cherries in the Snow

Hi everyone. I hope those of you who live in cold climates in the Northern Hemisphere are warm and cozy today!  As I write this, another storm is brewing in the Northeastern U.S.

Just for reference, this was recently the view from my window:

Winter landscape. (Those dark shadows behind the snow are trees!)

Winter landscape. (Those dark shadows behind the snow are trees!)

By the time you read this, the window will probably be completely filled with snow. lol.

The constant conversation about snow–how much snow there is, how much snow is coming–has put the phrase “cherries in the snow” into my head. There’s something about the idea of a juicy-deep-red summer fruit frosted with snow that has an almost primal appeal, I think. What is that image that everyone remembers so vividly from the fairy story, Snow White? A rose blooms in the dead of winter in a queen’s garden. The queen pricks her finger on its thorns, and three drops of blood fall from her fingertip into the snow. Red roses, red cherries, red blood, white snow–I like to think that all this red contrasted with frosty white symbolizes the promise of the lush summer to come.

A few days ago, I put together a post that included a kind of quasi-fantasy look with silvery glitter across the lid, black eyeliner to define the eye, and warm, rich berry-pink tones on lips and cheeks. That really put the idea of cherries-in-the-snow makeup on my brain. Today I wanted to kick off a short series that played on the idea of cherries in the snow that is a little less fantasy and a little more wearable. Unlike Lily Collins, I personally need to define my eyes just a bit in order to balance out a strong lip. At the same time, I really wanted to keep a hint of snowy frostiness in these cherries-in-the-snow looks. This meant identifying some cherry-berry lip shades from my stash (easy!) and then building looks around them that would allude to this cherries-in-the-snow business, but still be very flattering on the face (harder!). In upcoming posts, I’ll share with you what I managed to work out. In the meantime, if you are in a snowy clime, keep warm! And if you are in a tropical place, or in the southern hemisphere, please enjoy the sun for the rest of us.

xo bunikins@mua

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