Hello everyone…

…and welcome! The idea that outer beauty reflects inner beauty–reflects the soul, even–is a cliche indeed. Yet I believe that this is true. In this space, I hope to reflect a bit on the pretty things we use to enhance our natural, physical beauty. But I hope not to forget that–as Audrey Hepburn is said to have observed–“the happiest girls are the prettiest ones.” With that in mind, let’s reflect on beauty together, and let the beauty of our bonding in friendship reflect on us. xo bunikins@mua

**Update** For more information about this blog, please visit the About page. Thanks for visiting! -b

4 thoughts on “Hello everyone…

  1. Enkida@MUA says:

    I’m starting at the beginning now! This is looking to be a relaxing way to end my day in the evenings, so belated hello and yay! I am.. was? a graphic artist / designer myself when I worked, so I love te idea of a blog that discusses makeup in its use and varied combinations. Not that I don’t love a good FOTD or review blog, but those tend to facilitate consumerism and my budget can’t keep up with the lems the good ones create ;-). The idea of exploring colour stories in various contexts really appeals to me because it’s not necessarily about “product used to create look” – which is always so subjective anyway, because no one really ever has the same skin type and tone – but rather colours that harmonize (or not!) when worn together. As I said, looking forward to going through your existing posts 🙂


    • bunikins says:

      Hi Enkida! Thank you so much for visiting and for your fabulous feedback. I’m fascinated to learn that you’re a graphic artist and designer–no wonder you use such amazing color combinations in your FOTDs! I have no visual training at all…all I have is an interest. lol. I have always been an analytical kind of person, and a wordy person, and I have spent some time as a pretty serious musician. I even went on a jag when I got really into perfumes–it was so captivating to become more aware of scent and to try to connect my nose to my brain. But up until the past maybe five or six years, I had kind of neglected my sense of sight, I guess. So now I’m trying to connect my eyes to my brain, I guess you could say.

      I love FOTD and review blogs, too. I’ve learned so much from them. Unfortunately, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do a review blog, for a couple of reasons: first, I tend to like things. Even if a product is–let’s just say far from perfect–I tend to focus on the things I like about it, or the ways I can make it work. I think that would make for very boring reviews! (I like this! I like this too! And also this!) The second reason that a review blog would be a tough fit for me is that I wanted to focus on making more use of the things I have already, rather than acquiring more things to review. An FOTD blog would be rough going for me, because I don’t have the technical skills to make something like that really interesting. I really do think of doing my makeup as a mini-design project that I do more or less every day–that’s the part of it that really interests me. I do my best with application to create an overall impression, and I do try to improve by watching makeup-artist tutorials and things. But I’m not really that good at technical application.

      Furthermore, I think that I’m still learning, at best, how to create new looks and color/finish stories that are truly chic and beautiful and expressive. This space is chock-full of near-but-not-quite-there hits and also some total misses. But I just try to think things up and show them without second-guessing myself too much, because it’s the underlying thinking and the experimentation that I’m trying to document and share. I’m bound to make a lot of mistakes. I’m at peace with it. lol!

      It’s so awesome to get such great, interesting feedback from readers like you–it’s a real privilege. Thanks again for visiting the blog and for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


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